Health Information

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Healthy Lifestyles:

  • Maintain the right weight – watch what you eat
  • Keep active – regular exercise
  • Limit caffeine use – coffee, tea, and soda
  • Stop or reduce tobacco use – smoking and chewing tobacco
  • Get enough sleep – regular sleeping habits
  • Manage stress – reduce poor health effects
  • Reduce additive habits – drugs, alcohol, video games, cell phone texting, etc …
  • Prevent injury – safety belts, helmet, floor walkway (free of stuff)

Healthy Practices:

  • Get recommended health check-ups – routine doctor visits
  • Get required vaccinations – measles, flu, pneumonia
  • Get recommended screenings – mammogram, pap’s smear, colon screening
  • Take care of your teeth – brushing, flossing
  • Understand your health problems – ask questions
  • Follow treatment advice – medications, diet, exercise

Stress Management:

Too much stress can affect your body, your thoughts and feelings, and your behavior. Stress that is left unchecked can contribute to health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. There are many ways to reduce stress: eat and exercise regularly, take time to relax, and get plenty of sleep.

Stress Management

Causes of Death: There are differences in the top 10 ten causes of death for the U.S. population and Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) in 2014 (Table 5).

table 5

The top three causes of death for AAPIs are cancer, heart disease, and stroke. Both AAPI men and women have the same top three causes of death (Table 6).

table 6

During 2012 – 2014, eight of the top AAPI 10 causes of death had decreases in age-adjusted death rates (Table 7). Cancer and heart disease had the largest improvement.

table 7

Uninsured Rates: In 2010, the Asian American (AA) uninsured rate was higher than the U.S. population rate. The AA uninsured rates dropped by more than 50 percent between 2010 and 2015 — decreased from 18.4% – 2,881,000 to 7.5% – 1,360,000 (Figure 1). The Navigator Program Report described the 2013-14 AAPI outreach and enrollment activities in Pima County.

figure 1

Figure 2 shows the Asian American health insurance coverage trends for 2013 to 2015. Private health insurance percentages had increased from 68.6% to 75.5% during the three year period.

figure 2

Screening Rates: Asian Americans’ mammogram, pap smears, and colonoscopy rates are lower than the U.S. population.

• All women and Asian American mammogram trends – Figure 3
• All women and Asian American pap smears trends – Figure 4
• All adults aged 50-70 years and Asian American colonoscopy trends – Figure 5

figure 3

figure 4

figure 5

Health Care Visit Rates: Asian Americans have lower health care visits than the U.S. population (Figure 6).

figure 6

Health Information Resources

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Navigator Program Report Apr 14 2015